What's wrong with the server?


So today i downloaded the gama and started playing,so yeah it has been a great expirence,but while i’m playing the game,the game couldn’t stop disconnecting,it disconnects from the server every 5 mins


i cant even turn on save the world as i kept getting disconnected from the other side of the server


This game is still in it’s very early stages, and IA still needs to tinker around in order to give the server the best possible efficiency. Give it a week or two. Then it should be (hopefully) better.


yeah i know,i think it should take some more time,but yes,i shall wait,patient is everything


IA said that if we have disconections, they working and fixing things


right now,my loading bar doesn’t run


Server is running now, but as @Nikito said, it’s not stable yet. We’re working on it. Disconnections and brief outages are to be expected for the next week.


thanks a lot,right now my house’s internet is also terrible though,it will take like 6 days to be repaired,so yeah…patient is everything rn


Ah schucks. I am doing the weekly challange, but a disconnection just set me back 30 waves!



You should never go back more than 1 wave. We’re looking into this.


Yeah. I have disconnected a few times before and this didn’t happen. The strange thing is, if I remember correctly, I disconnected at wave 28 (Killed everything) and got back to wave 29. And after I disconnected at 63 or something, I went back to 29.


Good to hear that, it’s really turning down a bit. But very good work so far!