What's wrong with the price?

How could the price of any weapon higher than Moron Railgun be equalized to 500 keys? And the price for upgrading weapon: From 80 to 281 keys! IMPOSSIBLE!!! Could anyone explain this???@@@@@


I’m sure prices will be adjusted later based on weapon usage during some stages of early access.

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as far as i know weapons can be upgraded a maximum of 10,11 times so i don’t think anyone would like to collect over 500 keys 10,11 times for every weapon they have

Maximum of 8 times so you start with :zap:8.


Imagine starting with 0fp in a 140% diff mission


And you use Moron railgun on purpose

Yeah same question. You need 5000 keys for buying a weapon and maxing it. You can get 2 new ships in that price…


But that’s not the end of the story:

  • Before: 80x8=640 keys to maximize (lv8) a weapon
  • After: The price for upgrading a weapon is added up after an upgrade
    What the hell is going on with all weapons!?!?!?
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Check Early Access Version 56 changelog.

Spacecrafts are cheaper than their installments (in this case, weapons) required to run the spacecraft. Very IRL.

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