What's up with the new ship?

I haven’t played this game in a while but just now I noticed there’s a new ship class in the shop, it’s shaped like an A, looks amazing imo. But there’s something odd I noticed: the higher versions of the ship have a smaller power limit? After looking a bit closely I found out it has a stat called manuverability, which far exceeds the other ships but also diminishes with the more expensive variants. Does anyone know why I should spend 4k keys on the raven, or is the cheapest version just better?

A bit off topic but the ship based on the player ship from other CI games has a max firepower of “10 (+MAX)”. Anyone know what that means?


VF-76 can Against any Environment but with limited FP (Firepower) so thats why Is more expensive


i rate it 1 out of 10 (not interesting)

There’s heat shields and things so you can already get any ship in the game to survive in all enviornments

but this one CANCELS all the environments

Actually, all the ship has a ability. The powerful ability spacecraft have will have a weapon power limit.

The more higher manuverability, the more faster spacecraft can rush (atleast only affect by massive or using Bomber)

The expensive VF one does resist all the environment (massive resist will become slower) but weapon power limit is locked at 8 fp.
The cheap VF one only resist Darkness (-50% of darkness overlay) and Massive (your ship will move faster than any other ship). Good thing, weapon power limit is locked at 10 fp so I think VF-56 is the recommended choice.

:zap: X+Y
“X” its the power limit. When you reached to 10 (depend on weapon power limit on spacecraft) and collect another fp then it will create a “+Y” line and “Y” is the power you collected after you reached the limit.
Bomber and Müller does support the “(+MAX)” power level so collect 10 more fp and you will reached the Max power (with a plus icon next to “:zap:”)

Shield are only help you entering some planet that have environment on it.


Welcome @digitalizedMind you will find this game is always changing. I found my spacesheeps can often change performance with the new version iA releases and ideas that are used. It depends on the way you choose to fly a mission, the sheep may have different qualities depending on what you are flying. I haven’t figured out what the relationship between max power and + ?, or if it is weapon and sheep combination in different environments. I look forward to this info too. Mullers have been my favorites for a long time and all my weapons are fully upgraded. The VF series seem to be slower. Probably just me flying crappy. Be well all…

You’re basically paying 4k keys for peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about having to dodge deadly lightning strikes or suddenly getting jumpscared by chickens in the dark. The lower maximum firepower is a pretty fair trade-off for said peace of mind.

But if lightning strikes don’t really concern you that much, you can always go with the cheaper -56 and -66 models. Electric planets aren’t the most common thing and these two both have higher FP limits and immunity to darkness (which in my opinion is far worse than any lightning bolt).


It’s the fastest, if you’re talking about movement speed.

Max power means there is an additional power level 10 levels above the power limit. Ifthe power limit is 14fp, like it is for bx7, then max power is at 24fp.

Said trade-off does make it worthless for competitive missions sadly.

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That… is unfortunately true. Shame too cos it’s a cool ship but it just gets outclassed by the Mullers and even the BX’s. The only time I ever use it for comp missions is if the mission is Darkness, those are just too scary.


Thank-you for helping me see the differences. Now that Klaus has become a problem this info. will help me protect the galaxy from these annoying chickens more effectively. I am going back to saving the world now to check out how they affect my strategies, fly safe @MaybeOrandzaIdk I wish you many successes. Be well all…

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