What's this error?

so today I wanted to play this game and I got this?
how do I fix it

Update: 2/8/2023: so this just started happening again

This can happen due to internet corruption. You sure your internet is going well?

probably no :frowning:

Some friends of mine are also having this problem. It could be related to some DNS issues due to the error name. They couldn’t access the forums, but it is fine on my end personally.

Their screenshot:

Well, I am sorry, to bypass this issue you have to strengthen your internet to be able to play.

:warning: There are currently problems with DNS on chickeninvaders.com . This affects game login, forums, and the website. The issue will be resolved soon.

:white_check_mark: Update: DNS seems to be working again now.


Thank you! IA! you’re the best :smiley:


Phew i think that because that stupid hack IA email and he stop the game For him to take revenge

it started happening again

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