Whats The hardest boss for you in Chicken invaders universe?

Reply with The hardest boss Mine is Mysterious Ship Please Nerf him he is so hard


For me the yolk star seems hard to me.

No need, just simply practice that boss. I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon.


yolk star needs to be nerfed i think

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In my opinion, I think no.
There is a way to pass it though:

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My hardest boss would’ve been Chicken Exponentially, however I can practice and beat it. The reason why I call it hard because of gosh darn assassin chicks that interrupt my fight.
Just to agree with them, just simply practice.


2 bosses for me

  1. yolk star (with 7 lasers)
  2. egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade

welcome to forum MAN

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none :eye:

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ah wait the hardest is DOUBLE TEAM in IRONMAN COMPETITION


Definetly Yolk Star™. It still makes me prepare for the worst even if it spawns with 4 lasers and blows up way before expected. Yeah, I can’t even look at the health bar because of how focused I get with that thing. :smiley:

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Not because of its lasers, them terminators.

If you say terminators are also easy, sigh cowards


Or worse, Toxic Chickens that makes my progress almost inescapable.

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4 Bosses for me

  1. The Yolk Star (with 6-7 laser and some Toxic chicken, Assasin Chick and Bandit Chick in random)
  2. Mysterious Approaches (Metal Mother-hen Ship) (If you didn’t follow the pattern correctly, you have been destroyed in a wrong direction)
  3. Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade
  4. Special Forces (Military Chicken with 5-6 grenades and 3 pairs of knifes)

Henterprise for not being able to hit him thanks to its feathers, UCO for ramming into you. Others are a joke, especially Cannonade. Don’t understand why more and more people say it’s hard.
Yolk-Star in general is not troublesome but toxic chickens here can make your life harder.


Slobs are also troubles, specially when they poop suddenly. It’s harder, when you fight upside down.

Basically all of them are depends on your play style. Some you find easy, some find hard. I won’t judge you because everyone has their own play style, and I suggest clears throat improve it.

And potato is delicious.


what about toxic coward chickens?

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sad plasma noises


egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade

egg cannon annon annon ddnoade


The hardest boss is Dick Clark