What's the benefit provided by higher rarities, for example, on spacecrafts?

Is it worth to look for higher rariry items?

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Higher rarity items have better stats, which is especially useful with heat sinks. In some cases (Mueller and H&C family spacecraft, not sure about BX), rarity does not change anything.

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Actually, don’t the better spacecrafts have less weight?

Yes, but as far as I know, mass does not affect gameplay for the Mueller and H&C spacecraft. I’m not sure if that’s the case with BX spacecraft though.

Now that I think about it, what if mass affected the spacecraft’s hitbox so that it atleast changes something?

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That would be kind of unfair. I previuosly thought that mass affected speed

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That was the case before version 3 when the slow movement mechanic applied to all spacecraft. Atleast I think that’s how it was.


I think that weight affects negatively on fuel efficiency for travelling between galaxies, while improving engine increases it.

No, it doesn’t. Well, IA never siad that, at least. Also, I think you mean travel between star systems.

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