What will chicken invaders 6 be like?

I think the sixth part will be called: chicken invaders 6 infected feathers. The chickens have decided to invade the earth again, this time they have invented a cannon with feathers, which they shoot feathers and turn people into chickens. Our main character is flying across the galaxy, looking for medicines to cure people from infected feathers that turned into chickens. (This is just my theory of what the sixth part will be.)

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This is just my theory, A MINE THEORY

Yours? Or what do you mean?

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it will be like my opening crawl video from 2017

Egg cannon v2

chicken invaders universe is the 6th chicken invaders version you bozo

No it’s not.

(from CI wiki)


You literally just combined the plots of 4 and 5 with some zombie tier stuff.
I think IA will figure out something more original.

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Even I’ve never tried the first CI since I knew about this games on this december, this is it boys maybe soon…

CIU isn’t part of the main story with the main hero, though. It might be the sixth game developed and released, but it’s not Episode 6. There still could be a CI6, but we may not see it for years if it even becomes a thing.


Not sure if we should go Zombie Mode for the sixth one. Leave that stuff for Bungie’s Halo and The Last of Us. And to be honest, I don’t think the Egg Cannon can be topped. That is an excellent final boss.

Heck, if I made the CI games, I would have made Cluck of the Dark Side the fourth episode, and Ultimate Omelette the fifth. CI4 always felt greater in scale and scope. You were travelling to multiple galaxies instead of just traveling to a few planets in the Milky Way.

Although, there is one idea that Mr. Prouskas could potentially use for CI6.
The Star Forge from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This thing wasn’t a planet-destroying super weapon. It was a weapon/vehicle factory that used the power of a star for energy, built with the express purpose of forming an infinite fleet. A poultry-themed parody of this would be more than welcome.

In fact, this could potentially be a prequel to the events of CIU!
Imagine this premise: The Hero and Hen Solo meet up again after having to wipe out countless chicken warships. There seems to be no end to them. They eventually find the factory that’s been creating so many of them, and realize it’s been pumping out these things for a while. Several chicken fleets are spreading out already. The factory has to be destroyed, or every nearby galaxy will be hopelessly outnumbered, if they aren’t already.

The stakes get even higher when they realize this is the main base of operations for the LEADERS of the entire Galactic Henpire, so this is the most heavily-guarded resource they have. Wiping out this base will put the entire chicken army in disarray.

When it’s destroyed, the leaders of the chickens are either defeated or forced to flee, leaving their forces scattered and vulnerable in every galaxy where they’ve established territory. The Hero and Hen Solo realize that they can’t wipe out the remaining invaders alone and need more manpower, so they report back to their home galaxies and prepare for a coming war, thus beginning the formation of the United Hero Force.


is a great idea

What if chicken invaders 6 added DLC, then there is an additional chapter 13 for example.

I guess that could work if there were no ideas, but it’d need new stuff to justify bothering, otherwise you could just change difficulty or play CIU.

I agree, the fourth part is better than the fifth, and it was worth replacing!

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I played the fifth before the fourth and can support this.

(However, 5 improved enemy variety).

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