What to do with with cheaters when the game releases

Hi, I’ve been thinking about the fact that no matter what IA studios will do, when the full game will be released, it will be just a matter of time before some players will start to cheat. I’m sure that IA have a plan for what to do with them, but I still want to know about what the community thinks should happen to cheaters.
For this reason I made a poll:

  • All cheaters should be permanently banned immediately no matter what they did
  • All cheaters should me banned for a certain amount of time based on what they did
  • Cheaters should all be banned for the same amount of time

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Thanks in advance to anybody who participated in this poll!
Also, If you have other ideas for how to punish cheaters, post them in the comments.

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Also, should cheaters be banned from the forum too?

  • Yes
  • No

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In my opinion only the estetic cheat should’t be bannable. Permaban to all the other types


By the time CIU is not an early access game there will most likely be countless color options, maybe even a color picker.

It would be hard to have a system that could diffirianciate cheat types. Only the consequences. I think mostly they should get a long warning, like a week or month, since having bots isn’t that worth it since you can’t affect other players directly. On any cheats further it should give an insta-ban.
I however don’t think they should be banned from the forums, as not only would IA have to keep up with different e-mail combinations in the game and on the site. Using usernames is also a bad idea as someone can use someone else’s on the site. Even if it were possible, I don’t think they should be banned outright, again. Just like having a VAC banned Steam account, it doesn’t stop you from talking. They can still be civill, just that they didn’t act well in-game. But again, both accounts shouldn’t be linked. Though lowering or even locking the trust level is a good option.


Cheaters items should deleted forever but not their accounts. If their cheat starts to annoy peoples. Their account can bannable too.

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