ℹ What to do if you lose your profile / progress in CIU

(The instructions in this post are outdated. New instructions will be provided in the next update).


Huh? Why isn’t this pinned? I saw that it was pinned for the first few minutes, but then it got unpinned


The circumstances under which this guide applies are clearly stated. If you start messing around with the folders and moving files from version to version, then it’s very expected that you’ll end up with a corrupted profile.

@anon27929001 I didn’t want to pin it because there’s already too many pinned topics. I will refresh it once a day so it remains bumped to the top until the bug is fixed.


Just unpin the game server status for a bit.

i have windows 7 and i want upgrade to windows 10 On the same pc using windows 10 tool Will I lose my data in chicken invaders universe

It will format your OS drive including your data too. So make sure you backup your data before upgrade to windows 10.

I did that alot of time before and I still do it

ok sir i will do that

Can of us take turns to post a random post in this topic to keep it alive everyday?Please?

iA will already do that

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