What to buy? General tips?

Hi. So the game is more or less a guilty pleasure for me. I remember playing the very first one as a kid, and for the last few years i throw a round of CI5 in every once in a while.
Today I discovered the new one and I am loving it.
What I struggle with though is the shop.
I don’t know what I need and if I need it.

  1. Stuff like the generators. What do they do exactly? The game says they power other systems. How?
  2. What are hardpoints? Like… I survive hits without dying?
  3. What is a good weapon or generally good stuff to buy first?

Hardpoints…no, they do not make you survive hits without dying, they just decorate your ship to your needs. (I also had a wrong guess, thought they increase my ship’s HP)
The weapon you can use is Lighting Fryer, or even better, Plasma Rifle. It’s your choice. Everyone has choices.
Generators, unless you meant always on items, yes, the shields you buy allow you to orbit to dangerous planets. and the warp boost makes you warp faster, while extra slot unlocks more slots for your spacecraft. Reactors powers some parts of ship.


You can buy the Ion Blaster as your second weapon (first if you don’t count Moron Railgun) The Utensil Poker is a popular pick by skilled players, both for it’s damage and spread. I would also recommend that.

They’re called Reactors, it powers the parts of the ship. And they’ll overload if you mounted equipments that requires energy higher than your reactor can afford

They’re equipments to decorate your ship.

You should buy like Plasma Rifle first, since it’s powerful.


i think you should buy a CHEAP weapon then fully upgrade it so if you see a better weapon while playing , collect it , that is the strategy i use when i started .tbh i still suck at the game

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