What should I do to actually get OP / to grind in this game?

I know this seems stupid but I am actually new to CIU, and don’t know where to start, can you guys give me a tip to become op and progress faster?


The event missions are a good start. What you want to buy first would be upgraded weapon. Always have extra lifes.
Explore all planets you can, And try to get a spaceship from the other families. If you see grey dots in a place, It means you found an npc. Space droids give tons of food, which you can sell. the other npc, the shady dealer, has items that are super cheap. That’s for starters


Where do I find the Space droids? And what’s the best spaceship from the game?

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You may encounter space drones while roaming the galaxy. Of course you have to catch it up close if you want to steal food.

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Zoom out, and look for gray dots,
For spaceships, mullers for an all-rounder, BX for power

the H&C 101 is actually a good thing to stick to for now

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