What next....?

Soo,we have supernova,meteor storm,comets.What about feather field??(I don’t wanted to brag IA)

iA plans to add coin collection missions, food collection missions (I’ve read that on CI wiki)
But, I think this game will exit Early Access pretty soon.

They’ll add it eventually someday and they’ll most likely also have a new boss to go with it. Looking forward to that day.

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Huh? I didn’t remember that.

Found this on CI wiki.

Food collection (probably droid missions but who knows)

sorry i didn’t meant coin. I meant key collection missions.

…Which is fan-baſed and is often out of date.

Yeah, probably.

Feather field was too easy in CI4, maybe they will buff it too

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I don’t think so.

Dude,in the grand scheme of things,there really isn’t much in the game.Do I think it’ll exit Early Access soon?Nah.

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