What kind of server is this?

I’m wondering WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SERVER??? Downloading speed is too slow + Loading the forum is too slow, I must wait at least 5-10 mins to load the forum and half an hour to download the game. WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON???

nothing is going on
it’s just you are yelling at some solved problems you don’t know


Check your Connection. There must be your WiFi connection was weak or no wifi. The server is completely fine


scream does not help.

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I thing you should use vpn. this server is very fast in our country.

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Actually not. Swearing is not written in forum rules if you don’t insult others with it.

About download issue: yes, download speed is pretty slow and always was like this. But it’s absolutely not half an hour to download CIU installer. The forum loads for 2-7 seconds for me usually. Sometimes there are issues with discourse but they often last no longer than 1 day.


I would accept it if he wasn’t also writing a lot in caps. I don’t know why people think it will help.

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Guy’s probably just really annoyed. I don’t blame them for it.

Umm. You are liteary yelling at some problems that may have your internet or are fixed. Trust me . i have bad wifi.

Who is flagged? And Why?

Yes, I didn’t flagged anything.

the one who said the same sentence

I’m talking about OP because he’s using a lot of caps & said the F word. But instead my post go flagged. Great, just great.

You didn’t flag my post? Well gee, thanks.

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Yes, also I didn’t get ‘‘First Flag’’ Badge.

To get it you must flag a post as Regular.

Are you going to turn this topic into another flooded spam chaos or what? You have chatting place.

You can flag your own post.


Not need, I thing.

We shouldn’t go off-topic. Yes

Why? :laughing:

And you’re telling me this?

Breh grow up. There’s too little time to worry over how other people choose to express themselves. Be classy by all means, it’s cool, but don’t push your values on everyone else.


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