What Is Your Favourite Chicken Invaders Boss?

This Topic Is About You Favourite Chicken Invaders Boss Feel Free To Say. My Favorites Are:Henterprise (Hend Game) And Chicken Multiplicity And YOLK STAR And Burgermeister And Attack Of Giant Crab (Space Crab With Lasers) And Extereme Egg Cannon (The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade) And ITS THE MOTHER HEN SHIP! And Its A Bird! Its A Plane! No Its A Definitely Bird… BUT I HATE ALIEN MOTHERSHIP AND THUNDERCLUCK AND SHOOT THE CORE AND DR.BEAKER AND MYSTERIOUS SHIP And I WILL BE BACK.

i love all hard bosses (EXCEPT YOLK STAR ND MYSTERIOUS SHIP) and thundercluck beaker and burgermiester

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I don’t hate any boss in the game because there attack and hp can be changed depending on the difficulty, My fav boss was the Giant Robotic Space Crab but now it’s BurgerMeister™ 3000.

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All the villains from CI Series. Much more challenging.

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Most of the CI4 bosses are my favorites but if I had to pick one I’d choose the space crab.

Chicken multiplicity, “lemon lemon lemonade” boss

Egg Cannonade because it has unique attacks and it’s silly but unfairly hard.

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Favourite: Giant Robotic Space Crab
Hardest: The Yolk Star

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Chicken Exponentiality

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Which CI4 Space Crab Are You Referring To? phase 1,2,or 3?

I Like Space Crab With Lasers But I HATE HIM WHEN HE ONLY THROWS CHICKS! (And ci4 space crab phase 3

It’s not that hard in single player actually, but you must be very VERY lucky in multiplayer to beat it without losing a single heart.

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For me i’d say the actual “Egg Cannon”. That’s perfect for key rushes

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Something In My Mind:Why Only can i beat him in ci4 on pc and its very hard to me on my phone (i cant use ciu on my pc cuz it needs net and when i turn the net on the pc it overheats fast then make auto shutdown)

Yolk Star When i play it android/pc IT SUPER EZ (cuz i played yolk star with hatchling,no damage,and 100-100 difficult) lol

It’s easy with Hatchling because it has the smallest hitbox. But it’s different with BX-9

But i was playing a mission called daring cordial first thing with yolk star i used hatchling but nothing cant beat it bx-7 can beat it but have gets more shoots and lose lives (because its slow)

Phase 3

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