What is your FAVORITE WEAPON - Round 1

  • Neutron Gun
  • Laser Cannon (this is MY favorite)
  • Vulcan Chaingun
  • Lightning Fryer
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Utensil Poker
  • Boron Railgun
  • Photon Swarm
  • Positron Stream
  • Hypergun
  • Riddler
  • Corn Shotgun
  • Absolver Beam
  • Moron Railgun (I swear, if this is so much as your 5th favorite weapon, then I will use it in a fight against the Yolk Star™️)

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In case you’re wondering why the Laser Cannon is my favorite weapon, it’s because of 3 reasons:

  1. It’s better than the Neutron Gun and has insta-hit.
  2. It’s firerate is slightly faster on maximum power, around 7-8 shots per second.
  3. It has the 2nd highest DPS of all weapons, only losing to the Positron Stream (and Boron Railgun if you use the Accumulator with nearly maximum overheat).

I dare anyone to go Yolk star %140 with Moron Railgun 0 fp without using mines or SWs.

Alright, FINE!
gimme some time

No I didn’t try to force you to do it lol, Just saying the challenge if you have enough courage to do it.

this is ion blaster erasure, how dare you not include that


im looking for a mission wih the yolk star

That was exhausting, hard, and just straight-up $#&%$^@.

but I did it… somehow

Voted for utensil poker but recently have been favoring the lightning fryer. The zap spread is just absolutely magnificent.

Can’t believe this would get ignored. Such cruelty can’t possibly be forgiven.


what I liked about the plasma rifle

The biggest sin ever

This is a redo of this poll

What’s your favorite weapon in CIU?
  • Moron Railgun (Metal)
  • Boron Railgun (Metal)
  • Vulcan Railgun (Fire)
  • Ion Blaster (Fire)
  • Neutron Gun (Nuclear)
  • Absolver Beam (Special)
  • Lightning Fryer (Electric)
  • Plasma Rifle (Nuclear)
  • Riddler (Metal)
  • Positron Stream (Special)
  • Corn Shotgun (Bio)
  • Laser Cannon (Fire)
  • Hypergun (Nuclear)
  • Photon Swarm (Nuclear)
  • Utensil Poker (Metal)

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Corn isn’t bio. It doesn’t belong to any weapon group.

Explain this?


Well it still kinda counts

Well I can’t edit the poll so I’m gonna have to leave it like that

Well it doesn’t, but whatever.

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