What is this

this is not ciu but its ci3 i didnt have another place to post it

Can you go to credits and give us a screen shot? And, where did you get the game from?

The cancel button looks old.

wdym its my game revenge of the yolk and wdym give u a screenshot i gave u one already

here if you want

I sure wonder how much you paid for that v3.41 reflexive arcade version from 2007
don’t expect multiplayer to work there


i think you want this
i think you want this

i dont want multiplayer i want solo
and i didnt buy it

This is a piece of history


You’re asking for help with a cracked game, on the official forum, on an unsupported/outdated version of the game and lying that you’re not trying to play multiplayer even though your screenshot is from the multiplayer screen. What a spicy combo you got going there
Edit: I am also extremely curious, how did you expect people to help you if you just decided to lie about what exactly is the issue anyways?


You were trying to use multiplayer. Your image is the evidence.

I knew it, the only way to get a version like this with multiplayer feature is piracy. That’s why I asked for version number just to get more evidence with the cancel button.

Piracy is illegal, use the version I’ll explain below.

You can still get the game and play it for free. Legitimately, and for all episodes.

It’s completely free, but it’s outdated, doesn’t have multiplayer and contains ads. But that’s the only legal way you can play it for free.

Maybe it’s not pirated, maybe it’s just a demo, like those 60-minute long demos from big fish games

Nah, it’s the full game. Just ads.

Well, it depends. You can pirate something you already own (for various reasons)

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It doesn’t look like this person owns it. And he admitted it.

It may still be legal in some countries (ekhe, one particularly famous last times especially), but way less.


im not lying! ill give the proof

look at this

it isnt a demo

This image doesn’t conclusively prove multiplayer. In older versions of the game, a local multiplayer session is created even for single-player games. It normally disappears immediately, but in the case of an error this screen will become visible.

This is not to say that the game copy is legal, however – it’s almost definitely pirated, and no support can be provided for pirated games :smirk:


wdym pirated? i have the same game for years