What is that music?

What is that music ?? ( CI4 Retro music)

Play it and ſee.

BTW, this poſt would beſt be categoriſed either as “Off-topic” or “Early Acceſs”.

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I listened and I see it’s so weird :frowning:

You didn’t play CI4 ?

In CI4 there is retro galaxy you can enter through wormhole. There were retro invaders like old “space invaders” enemies. This music is there. Now you can see these levels when orbiting wormholes.

Its the best CI theme what do you expect :wink:

CI4 Retro Invader in Chapter 7, I’ve played it many times but the music is different

In CI4 music can’t be changed.

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You probably played an older version of the game where it just played the standard Chapter 3 soundtrack.

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Early Access better.