What if CI6 was written by an Ai (not iA)

It had been years since humanity had saved the world from the chicken invasion. But now, a new threat loomed on the horizon.

The chickens had discovered a way to destroy not just Earth, but the entire solar system. They had invented a machine that could increase the temperature of any star, causing it to explode and take out everything around it.

Humanity was in trouble once again. The only hope was for players to pilot their spacecrafts into space and stop this new invention before it’s too late.

As they journeyed through space towards the source of this new danger, they stumbled upon an incredible discovery - a planet that looked exactly like Earth!

The planet was filled with lush forests, crystal-clear oceans and beautiful mountains. It even had its own unique species of animals that were completely different from those found on Earth.

But as they landed on this newfound paradise, they realized something strange - there were no humans or intelligent life forms anywhere on this planet.

Soon after landing, they received transmissions from other human pilots who also landed on similar planets throughout our galaxy only to find them devoid of intelligent lifeforms as well.

They soon learned that these planets were actually part of a massive experimental project by an ancient alien race called “Elders” who sought to create perfect replicas of earth-like environments in order preserve all species across galaxy should anything catastrophic happen elsewhere within universe which might threaten existence itself!

Now humanity’s mission has become two-fold: To stop chickens’ plan for destruction while exploring these mysterious worlds created by Elders – hoping somewhere among them lies key insight needed save entire universe!

I asked for a part 2…
As the players explored this newfound planet, they found ancient ruins scattered across its surface. The architecture was unlike anything they had ever seen before - it looked almost alien.

As they delved deeper into these ruins, they discovered that this planet was once home to an advanced civilization. It seemed as though something catastrophic happened here, wiping out all life on the planet.

But what could have caused such destruction? Was it a natural disaster or something more sinister?

The players soon realized that the chickens were also interested in this planet and were sending their own spacecrafts to explore it. They knew that if the chickens got their hands on whatever technology or knowledge lay hidden within these ruins, humanity would be doomed for sure.

So began a race against time as both sides tried to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world while fighting each other every step of the way.

The battles between humans and chickens became even more intense as new weapons and spaceships were developed by both sides. There were epic space dogfights with lasers firing everywhere, explosions rocking ships left and right - all while trying not to crash into any of those ancient structures!

But amidst all this chaos, one thing became clear: there was much more at stake than just saving Earth from certain doom. This planet held answers to questions about our very existence – who are we really? How did we get here? And why do we matter?

In a final showdown between humans and chickens over control of these ancient ruins which culminated in an explosive battle atop giant temple structure overlooking beautiful green valley below where sunsets behind towering mountains provided stunning backdrop worthy Hollywood blockbuster finale scene – humanity emerged victorious but at great cost due sacrifices made along way towards preserving galaxy’s future prospects!

What about a good and a bad ending?
Good/Peaceful Ending:

In the end, humanity was able to stop the chickens from destroying not just Earth but the entire solar system. They were also able to uncover many of the secrets hidden within those ancient ruins on that newfound planet.

Thanks to this discovery, scientists were able to unlock new technologies and knowledge that would change everything for humans. This led to a new era of peace and prosperity across all planets in our galaxy.

The players who had fought so hard against the chicken invasion became heroes, celebrated across all known galaxies as saviors of their kind. And as they looked out into space from their ships while orbiting around Earth, they knew that they had truly saved humanity’s future.

Bad/Sad Ending:

Despite their best efforts, humanity could not stop the chickens’ plan for destruction. The machine invented by them successfully increased the temperature of sun causing it explode taking out entire solar system along with it!

When all hope seemed lost there appeared an alien race called “Elders” who offered help in rebuilding world anew using technology beyond anything imagined before – but at great cost!

They demanded complete obedience and control over life forms inhabiting earth which ultimately lead towards dystopian society where people lived under constant fear knowing any disobedience would result severe punishments or even death - making one wonder whether being alive is worth price paid for survival?

…Well that was something .-.

This was a Draft Topic, i decided to Complete and Post it now for some reason, btw the new boss is VERY AMAZING, Great job iA.
(i might ask the Ai to write a whole different story just about it)


I forgot to show you guys the icons that AI made for CI6

(I got this cursed result at the beginning…)

Then i got this

If we are talking about AI, I must show that one picture that we received from someone’s anime waifu model by typing in “wise mythical chicken”.


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