What I think may improve the game and little content suggestions

Title says all.
I start:

  1. I have little visive problems and I feel a bit disturb to my eyes while playng the darkness missions.
    I think that the dark part needs a little modify, maybe add stars just to make it more detailed (in his current state it tires eyes too much)

  2. sqwak blocks missions are too long, I like the limited movement factor but the lenght of missions makes me hate these missions

3)whormholes are end game content… ok, I can accept the fact that needs to be hard to find. But are too little and needs a lot of dedication to find one. My suggestion is to increase horizont event stabylizer cost to 2100 keys and add distortions on the background near them and increase by 15% their size

4)a weekly boss rush (10 waves, hard)

5)buff to ci4 mother hen ship (was harder before 1.10 in my opinion)

6)“Super boss” npcs
These npcs are roaming game bosses
The mission: fight an overpowered version of the boss with one million of hp to earn 50 keys

7)the final boss themes (almost everyone asks for them…)

8)Make the retro missions harder (more hp to enemyes and faster attack speed)

9)Maybe I am unlucky but I have never seen a supply droid npc even after 1 hour of space burger camping. The spawn rate needs an improvement

10)we have an insight for keys,score,waves and price why not add difficulty insights? I am talking about an item that can make missions harder/easyer or able to show planets with very hard/easy missions

  1. don’t really care about this. We leave it to others to discuss.
  2. kind of agree with this one
  3. Not needed,imo,but I don’t really care,so same as 1.
  4. Why 10 waves if it’s a weekly? Shouldn’t it be something like 25? The regular weekly challenges have 100 waves,way more than the maximum of waves you could have when playing a regular mission.
  5. I believe that if we want it to be buffed,it should have its firing rate increased with higher difficulties instead of only increasing projectile speed. Increasing the projectile speed in fact just makes bullets easier to avoid because the space will never get cluttered with bullets,and it’s so easy to just stay away from the bullets.
  6. It’s kinda funny how you find squawk block missions to be boring because of how long they are,but then you suggest making these versions of bosses to have more health,which would result in the same thing: more time required to beat the bosses. If you want them to be harder,I suggest increasing some other stats,instead.
  7. Only yolk star’s. Others aren’t that good,imo. But hey,that purely depends on your opinion,so whatever.
  8. Enemies already have lots of health. In invader crossing,a utensil poker can’t even clean sweep the wave,and yet you want them to be buffed even more? You wouldn’t be able to kill even 30% of the enemies…
  9. same as 1.

uhh,there are skill levels for that,lol?

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Given how quickly people ſtarted finding them, I don’t think it needs to be eaſiër. The hardeſt part is finding your firſt, and then the ſort of crop up all over the place.

Increaſing the key coſt will in the ſhort term juſt bar players from finding them and in the long term have no effect. You might as well juſt make wormholes inviſible for people below tier 20.


I admit… I have never found a whormhole yet
I only watched one youtube video about
I didn’t know

There are people that thinks superstar hero is easy

A 10 wave boss rush is hard (for me)
Do you think 15 is ok?

Exactly what I said:
IA nerfed this boss in the “boss buff” update

True, but inſtead of hardening it by adding a third factor to the difficulty, harden it by…hardening it. Multiply all difficulty levels by 1,2 or ſomething.

That’s why there’s room for harder skill levels…

Well,as long as it has more waves than a regular mission can have,then I guess I’m fine with it.

My bad,I misread it as “after 10.1”.

Droids don’t spawn and disappear. They’re always going to be present in their star systems.


Honestly Id like to see the weekly boss rush to be of every single boss in the game.


…and to be more preciſe, every boſs fight- i.e. you’ll ſee the Henterpriſe multiple times.
Alſo, I think that it ſhould have the boſſes more and more ſuped up as you go along.

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That would add some variety as each time some bosses would be harder than other ones. But I feel if its going to contain every single boss players shouldnt have immediate access to it. Perhaps tier 10-30? Something like that maybe…

Did someone see the first space crab? I never see him in the boss rush and also the first Henterprise encounter. In the boss rushes this 2 are very rare, about the first one i am dont sure if he was even aded?

I think they appear only in very easy waves

Weren’t they supposed to be able to appear even on harder difficulties(every since update 10.1,I think)?

Crab ‘A’ only appears at difficulties 20%-50%
Crab ‘B’ only appears at difficulties 40%-70%
Crab ‘C’ only appears at difficulties 70%+