What hooked you into playing Chicken Invaders?

So with the release of Chicken Invaders Universe coming very soon and that there’s a central place where all CI fans would gather, I have some questions that I encourage you all to answer. I’ll answer them too.

1. What is/are your first Chicken Invaders game(s) and what made you buy the/those game(s)?
2. Which game is your favorite out of the five main games and why?
3. Why do you continue to play Chicken Invaders?

My first game was The Next Wave. It was apparently pre-installed (along with Revenge of the Yolk and other games) on my old house computer way back in the day. After playing through the first levels, I fell in love with the game instantly. Due to my inexperience at the time, I could never get past the planets Earth, Venus, or Mercury but I was having too much fun to not care about that. I eventually discovered Revenge of the Yolk on the PC and played that extensively as well. I died a ton to the Square Dancing waves, UCO bosses and, of course, the Yolk Star. But I learned and adapted to those boss fights in the months that passed.

It’s hard for me to determine which game is my favorite since there are many aspects I like and dislike about the games. For instance, I feel like there are too many non-chicken chapters in Ultimate Omelette and that the asteroid waves and Meteor Storm in Revenge of the Yolk are way too unbalanced. But I love the music in ROTY, enjoyed the less repetitive waves in UO and Cluck of the Dark Side and exploring the planets in CotDS. I’m excited to see how planet exploration will incorporate in Chicken Invaders Universe.

I continue to play this beloved franchise because… it’s addicting and so, so, so much fun.


Here is how i found out about chicken inavders Well i was looking through my brother’s pc and I saw a game with chickens (revenge of the yolk christmas edition) i played it and my brother said that he loved chicken invaders too when He was a Child so i completed the game 4 times but then i saw the ultimate omelete trailer and I didn’t get excited because I thought it was fake but it wasn’t of course xd. It was fun and then cluck of the dark side released i was SO hyped this time eventually i forgot about CI because i thought COTDS was the last episode. But i still was subscribed to interactionstudios and then one day i got a notification from their channel and It said: Chicken Invaders Universe Teaser 1 and Now i played the games again and i remembered that CI can never lose it’s fans because we grew up with these games, Thank you interactionstudios for making my childhood mean something :slight_smile:

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Chicken Invaders 4 was the first ci game I played,and it was in fact the only ci game I playef while I was way younger. A few years later,I also tried to play chicken invaders,though it was the yahoo version. And a year or 2 later,I then decided to try the rest of the ci games,as well as the regular ci3. Honestly,I don’t think that I have a favorite,or a least favorite game. They all have something good in them.
Ci1: ability to spam bullets was nice. Also,the game was very difficult.
Ci2: every weapon was great in here. Also,the difficulty is still high,which is what I liked. The only thing I didn’t like about ci1 and ci2 was that the eggs get way too fast at some point. However,in ci2,using a mouse can solve that,at least kind of…
Ci3: good difficulty,and the meteor storm is actually one of my favorite chapters! At first,I died at least once in most of my runs,but recently,I haven’t died there,at all. Comet chase however is still a pain. Also,I really liked some of the bosses in ci3!
Ci4 and ci5: they lack some of the unfair waves ci3 had,which might be a good thing. The difficulty did fall down in these games,though.


My first is CI4 and my favorite. 8 years ago, a friend came in to me and said, "Man see what game I got, it was recorded on a disc and soon we opened it and when he loaded he explained to me the simple things in the game that he knew then I started playing. I did not know anything about level weapons and so on. Fun is also the fact that when I saw Hen solo I thought it was something that shoots and wants to kill me. I do not know if I had a veteran difficulty, because the crab was difficult to kill I asked for help from my friend to kill him and get. I was then amazed at levels beyond the levels and the levels with the feathers and the levels, with the green retro invaders were magic getting more and more astonishing and going through levels, until I reached the last level. There i saw the Egg Cannon. I was shocked how is gonna kill this thing and turn the shuffle on. After days on my most old computer, i reached 90% of the egg cannon health and stupid die on yelow lasers. The other games was spoiled from YouTube and this killed the magic but i will not grow deeper for my plays. Anyway this time when i get CIU the magic will come back i love this franchise so much its shame that is underrated by people who playing craps like CS, LOL, Fortnite and so on. My story shows why I keep playing this game.


1.My First Chicken Invaders Game is CI3 Xmas Edition. I found it in my father laptop when i was 8 years old.It was a trial version.And play it and i love it very much and i tell my cousin to buy me the full version.But he instead accidently buys me a original CI3. I didn’t know i was playing the xmas edition so i was a little surprise there’s a original.I play through the whole game and it was a blast.I wanted more so i tell my cousin again to buy me the Xmas edition.Since than i started playing CI games.

2.My favouite out of five main games is CI4. It has new graphics,a outstanding music,new weapons,more chicken and HUGE BOSS FIGHTS. I was shocked when i saw the first super chicken boss because it’s huge.The waves are more creative like zoomed out fights and multiply direction fights.The Jokes and references are also really funny.

3.I continued to play it because it’s my childhood and it’s really addicting.

  1. The first Chicken Invaders I ever played is The Next Wave Christmas Edition, back in 2008. It was included one of the CDs packed with games that I used to buy. I’ve played it with my brother, and most of the time, we weren’t able to make it past the first Mother-Hen Ship encounter!
  2. I like the games equally for what they are, and I can’t pick a favorite, but I can say which one is my least favorite - the flash versions of TNW and ROTY. They’re so bad that you can die from an egg after it already splatted! They also don’t let you to upgrade your weapon beyond power level 8.
  3. I do it because I still like it. I’ve also got a wiki to upkeep so there’s that.

I found out about Chicken Invaders on a school computer. Later, I’ve found out that there are sequels. And I’ve really got into it. :)

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I started with CI4. It was one of the games on “Alawar” (A site that basically republishes games and is a bit of pesky adware). As me and my mom were these downloadable game enthusiasts, we downloaded it. We loved it and bought the full version. From Alawar. Eventually I switched to the Steam version as I lost the old one.

I think the 5th one is pretty good, but can’t really decide beetwen 4 and 5. The 4th one definetly had the most epic boss fight music :P.

I still continue to play these games as they are fun and they were part of my childhood. I like to look at small games and follow their development. And as this is a one-of-a-kind game, with a casual take on bullet hell games with space invaders, and still providing a challange, I think that this deserves a lot more attention. Of course, this game attracts a specific audience, since the game is unique, and it sadly (or well since the ads nowadays geez) isn’t advertised.

EDIT: I just remembered that I did play the 3rd game! Though I remember painfully getting through the coments just to not get through the final bossfight. Nice.

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Basically as soon as I was old enough to competently play a video game, a friend of my family introduced me to the first game. The series has been with me ever since (literally as long as I can remember), and I’ve kept mostly up to date with new versions as they’ve released. I can’t wait to see what CIU ends up looking like!


I played this game before and I liked it

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I started playing Chicken Invaders 3 Xmas Edition. I found it interesting and i became a fan of the game.

My favorite is Chicken Invaders 5. It’s very good game, and i have played it over 3000 Hours. I love the waves, the sea level is one of my most favorite.

This game made my life as a kid way better, i have grown up with this game. Me and my family were playing the game together almost everyday in in-house multiplayer. I remember when i was shacking by happiness when i found out that CI5 is out. I will never hate or leave this game, no matter how old i am. :slight_smile: :rooster:

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