What have you done to "It gets cold in space"!?

It is SO FAST now! I don’t want it to change, it is perfect now :smiley: You could save it for hard boss challenge


You’re probably playing a difficult mission and/or with high skill (boss speed depends on difficulty).

It’s time to earn your SSH rating :wink:

That is it, I am playing at SSH. But it’s realy, REALY hard! I like it. I’m afraid of “Chicken geometry”.

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It’s a bullet hen!
I like it

Okay this is the hardest boss in the game, others are piece of cake compared to this madness.

EA… Why not make this a DLC boss?

the boss is not that hard, its just a bit harder than the others, passed it deathless on SSH first try…

Well iA already added it, but we can still add U.C.O as a DLC.

Will all other bosses also get reworked based on difficulty? Right now they feel like filler waves that are too easy compared to the rest of the mission.

You should really start using your main account lol

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This doesn’t look that hard to me, honestly. I’ve played Touhou, and this is actually pretty easy compared to what Touhou has to offer.

I said that many bosses are too easy, not too hard.

I juſt did it on SSH on a maximum difficulty miſſion. It was rather quicker than I’ve ſeen it in the paſt.

it is better this way, there is much more skill involved now.

Its bump time bröther.

Every new user will do that, there’s no point to be pissed.

Told them to dont. He just apologized and wont do that. Thats not pissing. Just a joke.