What happened with keys?

My partner and I both lost several thousand keys on this last update. Why?

Rear Admiral Bawk


The latest update has not affected keys at all.

I can think of two scenarios:

  1. Your accounts were reset due to inactivity. Had you logged in recently? Is all your progress reset, or just your keys?

  2. Your last few login sessions were on the BETA server. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the “live” servers, and is eventually lost.


My partner and I have logged in daily for years. I have no idea what you mean by ‘BETA’ server. I do know that my and my partners key count is not correct. It’s not a big deal, just annoying.

Rear Admiral Bawk (Soon to be Vice Admiral Bawk)

Short answer: it is a separated server branch existed for testing purposes.