What game in the series do you guys think is the hardest?

This doesn’t include games you can’t beat, like 1 or Universe. This is strictly for games with a finite number of waves and can be finished.

Hardest finishable game in the series?
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Edit: Yeap, results seem to be pretty unanimous. 3 is kinda rough.

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CI3 but not the modern one. It used to be harder.


ci72 legacy collection final mix


From the steroid-like movement of chickens in waves like Chicken Square Dancing to Meteor Storm itself being unfairly difficult because the asteroids can come from any direction without warning at insanely fast speeds…

Chicken Invaders 3 takes the cake as the hardest finite episodic game in the series

I found CI3 impossible as hell with SSH.

i feel as if CI3 was a turning point, so the difficulty kinda matches that. Of course, iA would get comfortable with how the games will function after this. CI2 can have some bruh moments too

3 hard. There’s no extra explanation.

  1. i had beat yolk-star in CI3 once.
    but in CIU i beat so much times
  2. Chatting place exist

but dick clrak… in pack man???


of course

I will say I’m surprised that there’s one vote for five but none for CI2. It’s not quite as hard as the sequel, but it comes respectably close.

Also I think it’s safe to say that CIU is hardest of all.

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