What fast spacecraft should I get as a begginer?

I’m still using my begginer spacecraft and want to upgrade. Which one should I get that won’t have an annoying slowing effect and what heat sink, reactor and engine should I get for it?


Only VF spaceships are immune to the massive environment (and probably not all of them, check their store description), but you exchange your firepower limit for the safety from environmental hazards. As a counter measure you get more satellites slots on these.

Müllers are generally considered to be the most universal spacecrafts for any kind of mission, except M408. Nobody seems to like M408. They have the +20 extra firepower level that helps, kind of.

Then there are BX bombers which are always slow, but they have way more fire power than any other type of a ship. Also they are quite huge, so are their collision circles, so it’s not as trivial to dodge when using them as with other spacecrafts.

As for heat sinks, reactors, engines and basically everything else, if you have patience, fuel and keys, go for the best ones with legendary rarity (three :gem: icons next to the name). Otherwise simply look at the values in the store:


Thanks for replying. Im new to this website and I should have described it better. It’s the bombers that I didin’t like since they are slow at all time. I read on the internet that people liked the M404 but I don’t know if that’s still the case and if I should get that one or if there now is something better.

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As I said, Müllers are universal. Especially M404. In fact, if you played Chicken Invaders before, the ship you were using all that time was M404.


Strictly speaking, none of them are actually immune. They just have such high base maneuverability that they can move much faster than other fighters.

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Thanks a lot. I will try to get the M404 then.

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M404? I thought its M400!

Why doesn’t anyone seem to like M408 though?

Larger hitbox and lower maneuverability despite having the same power limit as the M404-PI. It used to be worse, though (or rather, the M404-PI used to be better).

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I think it’s because of satellite positioning.

Alright thanks!

for people with no chl, its not the best price to features (new term i made i think). m404 is at a better value or a legendary bx7


No way bro m408 is my favorite i like the lienced crafts so the others are not too good but all the mullers are better than others orginal spacecraft is muller a vf we can use it in thunder missions and bx for more power but its heavy and not easy to control so mullers are the best for a begineer

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