What do you find funny/ironic/unrealistic about the game

mine is the fact that the hero havent eaten anything in 16 years

thonks alot sufi

I suggest editing your title because the way this question is asked implies “How did you help develop the game?”. So change it to something like “What do you find funny/ironic/unrealistic about the game?”

With that out of the way, has anyone ever thought about the way chickens are positioned? We kind of assume the hero is looking at their faces, except they’re pointing their butts at him, so their faces would be out of sight.

welp i guess im just being inmature


I never said that? Also it’s immature, with an m.
There was no need to write 3 consecutive replies by the way, you could have written one reply with all your points grouped together.


yes indeed

Here’s mine: In CI3, the hero flys past the Enterprise from Star Trek and the commander of the Enterprise can’t do anything

you mean the beanterprise ?
just kidding i know the reference

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