What Chapter 1/4/8 music which make you liked the most?

  • Chapter 1/4/8 Music From CI3
  • Chapter 1/4/8 Music from CI4
  • Chapter 1/4/8 Music From CI5

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To be honest, it isn’t necessary to create a topic just because of this poll.
Post this on Chatting Place Instead.

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What is this 1/4/8 means?

Chapter 1/4/8 music.

Still don’t understand.

Chapter 1/Chapter 4 and Chapter 8 Theme from 3 different Chicken invaders game

Probably the music when you started playing this game, Chapter 1.

Oh ok I understand.

I bother don’t want to be in that goon. I hate chatting places

And yes, I ceased to know that that thing existed and I don’t really care tbh

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Category: Chicken Invaders. As far as I am not blind, it fits. Off-topic category is long gone.

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Just a very little nitpick, 1/4/8 is only accurate for ci3, it’s 1/5/9 and 1/5/8 for ci4 and ci5 respectively. Anyways I definitely liked the ci3 variant the most.

Yeah, waves structures make me usually forgot them much

ci5 mission 1 is iconic but not in ci5

CI5’s with it’s overly serious tone wins for me, but followed very closely by CI4’s.

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