What are these?

Can someone tell me what are these and what do they do ? [oh I forgot to show the snowflake icon too]

The first icon is mass. Currently does nothing.

The second one is reactor power. On reactors, it shows how much power is produced. On other ship components (engines, heat sinks, and weapons), it shows how much power the component consumes (your reactor needs to supply enough energy to power all components mounted on the ship).

The snowflake indicates the heat capacity of a heat sink. The higher the number, the longer you can fire your weapon before overheating.

Edit: In terms of the spacecraft descriptions:

  • Model should be self-explanatory - it’s the name of the ship.
  • Hardpoints are used to mount aesthetic items (strobe lights, laser scopes, and ghost trails).
  • Satellite slots are, obviously, used for mounting satellites.
  • Mission slots are what you put items like lives and special weapons in.
  • The “features” section is just flavour text. The same mostly goes for the role (H&Cs and Müllers are classified differently, but they’re both functionally identical and fall under the fighter category), the only thing of significance here is that the BX series is distinct from H&Cs and Müllers in that it has increased firepower at the cost of also having a speed limit in regular missions.

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