Were the suggestions from the Steam discussion looked into?

Greetings fellow Chicken Invaders,

So, I’ve been checking on new games pretty much on a semi-regular basis and I am really happy to see there is going to be yet another game in the series. After being both active in the last beta program and also being semi-active in the steam discussions, I have been nothing but curious about how the feedback from the last feedback was taken. Or rather, if the feedback that was provided even was taken into consideration. I mean I myself have created a long thread. Will post it here as a suggestion itself. Chicken invaders 6 recommendations/ideas :: Chicken Invaders 5 General Discussions

I weren’t able (yet) to check through the Plan Updates and I will follow up on that very shortly after I posted this, aside from also having my own weapon ideas and concepts I want to post.

Most importantly I want to ask if there is a beta program going to be created. And hopefully an open one like I recommended in my suggestions thread.

Regards ~ PeriCore


I am really happy as well and Im hyped for that game

Yeah, it’s really nice to see that this game keeps continuing even if it feels like we’ve reached the edge of possibilities. I mean what more to add to a sidescrolling Shmup? Well, Chicken Invaders strangely enough made every game it’s own little innovation which is pretty neat. Glad the developers can put their plans into execution this well, can’t say that about many SHMUP-Devs.

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Yeah, and iA stated that it will have more updates and the game won’t be completed unless it has more updates.

I’m honestly more so curious how iA has taken the feedback from their last game. I mean many people had great ideas reaching from balance up to optimization and full fledged game mechanic ideas such as an infinite-mode. Which I would still love to see.

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We have early access to look forward to, which should start soon.

Ahh, this sounds promising and nice. I’m looking forward to it. The previews and dev-blogs already look promising. Curious what they are making out of it.

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Why do you feel the need to post anything NSFW?

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