Well how about some extra medals...maybe?

So…this just came across my head of 4 awardable medals that can be achieved during gameplay idk if anyone will like it but i will post it anyway
1-Medal of Survivor:awarded when survived an mission with 1 live left (dosen’t awarded when your not equipping extra lifes)
2-Medal of Moron:awarded when you complete an entire mission with moron rail gun. Lol
3-Medal of Absolute Moron!:awarded when you complete 1k missions with moron rail gun.
Looks like its gonna be the rarest medal to obtain XD
4-Medal of Honor:awarded for the top 10 recruits in UHF fleet.
Lemme know if there is a cool medal ideas that can IA add to this game.

The first medal already exist lol and the next 2 medals are not necessary, since they’re a bit ez (i think) and also we have alot of competition medals so yeah… Not necessary…

Thanks for the effort tho, but please search before creating a new idea topic, it might be already exists.

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Extreme Unpreparedness Medal existed.



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It’s already a thing, but harder.


No, this is torture.

Quest emblems are good enough in my opinion.

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I’m taking on the assumption that this medal is worth 50,000 points…

Unprepared/no death medals already exist.
Also, your medal encourages dying, which goes against the conventional rules of medal attainment.

Also, this can sometimes be more of a loss than a gain. (50,000 for not dying for a mission, 10,000 for not dying for a stage, loss of firepower which affects firepower points, and forces the player to actually waste an item. -And perhaps even another 100,000 if you can be arsed to go for the Unprepared medal.)

Once again, I’m assuming this is worth 50,000 points.

“Either Brave or Stupid” medal already exists, and so does the special virtuosity bonus for Moron Railgun. I know the “HEBoSAA” is for not picking up firepower and gifts, but it’s close.
Also, I don’t think people would like to try and get a medal so niche during actual play.

Incredibly niche. The 50,000 waves medal also exists.

And for good reason.
Also, you should take this more seriously if you’re going to suggest something like this.

While this medal has some merit, Daily Hard Worker and Weekly Hard Worker are already a thing, which kind of works the same way, only not as prestigious.


I meant top 10 in the leader board of best players.


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yes i know

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Then GoldenBoss gets all the medals.


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