Weird quirks with the Slob chickens

While I was playing the mission, Regular Oddment, I encountered a weird quirk with the slob chicken’s movement, this video provides the exact movement quirk.

I am unsure whether this behavior is a bug or it is indeed intended. Either way it makes the wave more challenging, it’s up to your perspective on whether its in the good way or the bad way.

And the fifth wave in this mission is the infamous Gatling Roulette wave which caused me to quit.


There’s a similar topic about that. Instead of despawing and respawning into another location, they instead move throughout the entire screen to catch up on the position.


Please do so, IA not only does this look weird, it also makes it very difficult, I’d prefer metal suited chickens, Chickenauts and armored chicken ships instead of the toxic chickens and slob chickens.


Iſn’t that the point?

The difficulty depends way too much on RNG but this is a problem with most enemies in general.

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Changed in v.30

:medal_sports: Bug


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