Weird Guest Account Bug

So, in the Account section of CIU, you can only have one guest account normally, and the option to create a second one is greyed out. I’m not sure why this restriction exists. I asked and someone mentioned that having too many just spammed the server.

Anyway, it turns out, if your actual account with a linked email gets removed due to inactivity, the guest account made that ties into it stays behind. And, once you link a new account, you now have the option to create a guest account for that one, which in turn actually allows you to have multiple guest accounts.

I don’t know if this is actually that big a deal or even worth looking into it, but I wanted to mention it.

Thanks for reading!


Acknowledged. It doesn’t happen that often and the impact is minimal, so it won’t be fixed.

Incidentally, the reason guest accounts are limited is indeed to prevent profile-spamming.


Can’t deleted accounts also get deleted from your computer as well? Once it says “stale account” thing.

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