Weekly Challenge, other Questions and Suggestions


Ill continue using this thread for posting smaller stuff so I don’t need to create a new thread everytime.

@InterAction_studios, some things came into my mind

  • Maybe Vulcan could deal more damage when the spread is higher?
  • Weapons could be balanced this way: fast overheat -> more damage, less precision -> more damage. Due to this, the lighting fryer would be one of the weakest weapons because it has a near 100% chance to hit anything, that doesnt apply to ion and forks, for example, so they deal more damage. If the best weapon has 10k dps, the worst weapon shouldnt have less than 7k - 7.5k dps, so they’re a bit more balanced.
  • Was the Vulcan the only weapon with a rework, or will other weapons get one too? Will we, at some point, be able to use legacy wepons like
    –old neutron
    –green ion
    –yellow ion
    –ion from CI2 (sligtly different)
    –CI2 laser
  • Right now, I have a feeling that mission difficulty scales enemy hp too much. I only play easy missions on SSH right now because my kill rate is really acceptable there (close to 100%). If i get many mini bosses on a wave in a difficult mission, they have so much health that i an only kill like 10%.
    – I think that mission difficulty should focus less on enemy health, but a bit more on mission difficulty, enemy fire rate etc.
    – skill levels shouldnt affect player damage at all (maybe tourist can make the player deal more damage, but less damage isn’t “fun”)
    -> this encourages a better type of gameplay. Instead of dodging the same enemies for 1 minute straight and barely seeing anything die, you have action packed bullet-hell like gameplay, which is challenging and hard, but still fells like a blast. If you’d like more “chilled” missions you can play the easy ones with rookie/tourist.


Vulcan is all about heat management. That’s its quirk. If you can’t manage heat, then you pay the price (=diluted damage). Increased damage with spread would reward the wrong thing.

We want to move focus away from DPS being the sole criterion; the Vulcan currently has by far the greatest DPS, but you need to be skilled to take advantage of it. New planned weapons may ramp up damage sooner (in lower power levels) but sacrifice total maximum damage, and vice versa. Others may output the same damage throughout, but reduce spread (or increase firing rate) as level increases. Others may be chargeable and trade firing rate for projectile damage. Yet others may cause damage over time, or pierce through multiple enemies.

We don’t plan (non-cosmetic) redesigns of existing weapons unless there’s something seriously wrong with them. We’d much rather get some of your new ideas in the game.

We’ll remove the enemy health boost per skill in the next update and see how it goes.


To be honest, I don’t think that 12% more damage on SSH won’t have a real impact. It’s nearly impossible to get a clean sweep because of too high base health of enemies (an ordinary chicken has over 2000 health) and that many mini bosses appear and they have much more health, logically.


Too-many minibosses was a bug, it will be nerfed in the next update.

And enemy health was calibrated in CIU so that at maximum difficulty the chickens have as much health as they used to have on wave 100 (out of 120) in previous episodes. So previous episodes actually had MORE health than CIU (barring use of Skills).


I think there ſhould be an unlockable ſetting (independent of rookie, SSH, &c.) that vaſtly increaſes the chance of all-miniboſs levels. Sure, it might tick off people who don’t like feeling that they can’t win on the hardeſt ſettings, but it’d be great for people who want a challenge.


That can lag the phones. But there can be an option for that.


So, you say that an ordinary chicken can’t have more than 1000 hp? Well, I just found out that a pilot chicken on a 4/8 mission already has about 1000 health. Are you sure that the calculation is right? I feel like chickens have about 2000 health (including the ordinary ones).


@InterAction_studios some more thoughts

  • As I already said, perishables are too expensive. But that time, I was only talking about superweapons. Now, I also find the other Perishables too expensive (Thrust Vector Control, Bullet Spray Expander/Condenser, …) the thing is, you can use up an entire batch of them in about 2-4 missions, which equals about -75 keys per mission if the Perishable costs 200 keys and you equip as much as possible of them. I think they should be between 100-150 keys so you can play around with them more
  • I don’t know, maybe the eqiup limit of perishables could be higher or be removed completely? Who wouldn’t test 10 Bullet spray expanders at once? The limit should be before the point where it would get game-breaking
  • Right now in a mission, boss waves always appear at the same frequency (for example: wave 7, wave 14, …). Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they were randomly placed(to a maximum of 1-5 boss waves depending on wave length). This way, I can’t predict that there will be a boss level at a certain waqve and I can get surprised.
  • Currently, the eqipment perks bonus is the biggest for the worst spaceships. I don’t see any reson for that. I am basically ought to use a bad spaceship if I want to get #1 in the daily challenge (and +18% vs 0% is a huge difference in highscore hunting)


The equipment perk is there to encourage using the starting spaceship even after you get better ones.