Weapons Training Challenge Bug?

There is something that has always bothered me in CIU. As you all know, we can play Weapons Training missions from the Events category of the Inbox. The thing is, for example, once I complete an easy mission from the Weapons Training Programs, I check back on the Weapons Training message and it shows that the Fly Easy Mission button is still green (which usually shows that you can use the button) rather than gray (which usually shows that you can’t use the button):

And when I click on that green button, the game shows a message box saying:

And then the button turns gray, it can’t be used:

I would guess that the bug also goes for the intermediate and hard buttons.

Anyway, I suggest that this changes so that when you complete a certain mission from the Weapons Training Event, you can check back on the same event message and ALREADY notice the button being gray. That way, only the third picture in this topic would happen, the two first would not at all.

Can you fix that, @InterAction_studios ?


because the mails don’t automatically update, you just need to press back and click on it again


Okay, but that’s still a bit annoying.

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that’s how it works, its not annoying that you still get the popup tho


Your opinion, though.

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deal with it

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Okay, lol.

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i want Titan henvasion activity in Chicken invaders universe game

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