Weapons, satelites

So, here are weapons and satelites I would like in the game:

Molecular disassembler: Causes an insane amount of damage but on a short range
Sonic blast: Covers a lot of space but weak.

Shield: Is a shield, which pushes objects that cause damage away and later burns out. Also, if you get two, they reinforce each other.
More slots, and starting satelites.

What do you mean?

If you want to make the game easy as it’s for baby

By more slots, I mean that you could have more satelites at once. Starting satelites: you could buy them with keys, and your spaceship will have it for the start.

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But both of those already exist? Certain ships have more satellite slots, and you can mount satellites bought from the store

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I think they’re trying to bring up the concept of a one time use satellite, a satellite which can be used until it’s ammo runs out and then you lose that satellite permanently.

Yeah, now as I have played with the game, I saw both of them. Next time I am going to first see if it exists.

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