Weapons idea to CIU!

Since my first topic was uninteresting, I decided to suggest the idea of the weapon.

It is - Radon Gun. This weapon melts chicken to the fire.

Look: A poisonous fire shooter.
Color: Little Bright Orange.
Color Code: f29c41.

At 0 firepower - 1 damage and one fire.
At 1 firepower - 5 damage and bigger fire.
At 2 firepower - 8 damage and two fires.
At 3 firepower - 10 damage and three fires.
At 4 firepower - 14 damage and three fires gettin’ a little bigger.
At 5 firepower - 18 damage and three fires are still staying as at the 4th Firepower, but the middle fire gets bigger.
At 6 firepower - 20 damage They are getting now bigger.
At 7 firepower - 23 damage and four fires are still staying, but two middle fires are getting bigger than 2 left and right fires.
At 8 firepower - 26 damage and five fires. The fires staying still as the 6th firepower.
At 9 firepower - 35 damage and still five fires. The three middle fires are gettin’ a little bigger than other fires.
At 10-19 firepower - 50 damage. Now the 3 middle fires are bigger.
At 20th and ongoing firepower - 100 DAMAGE. ALL THE 5 FIRES ARE VERY BIG.

No, it’s not a ripoff of Neutron Gun, I just wanted to make similar as this weapon. So, no offense, I’m not good at making ideas. I hope this will be accepted or not.

So, there’s a weapon must look like (in Max Power Only):

The Henterprise
The Yolk-Star TM
Chef Boss
Giant Robotic Space Crab v2.0

This hope will moſt certainly come true, much like the hope that when you arrive to a ſhop it’ll be either open or cloſed.

The idea in queſtion ſounds a lot like a croſs between the variöus prepoſed flamethrowers and the neutron gun, ſo I’m not ſure it’s neceſſary, but it would help to balance out the large number of boron railgun- type weapons.

It would be good if you explain what that weapon is supposed to be in more detail, for example if you were to draw how the weapon would look like. Also, saying average/good power instead of some concrete damage values doesn’t really help.

What, you mean you don’t want Vulcan Chaingun MK IV? But that would be obviously great! /s

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UPDATE: replaced the average/good saying to the damage accompaints.

I think it needs to be buffed. 2 damage for 0 firepower? This thing would take 50 shots to kill a regular chicken.(and that’s just in rookie)