Weapons Configuration

How about the option to disable certain weapon drops so you don’t accidentally pick up a weapon you don’t want? There are times where you are in a tense situation and an enemy drops a weapon pick-up that isn’t the same as the weapon you have and you pick it up by mistake because you were too busy trying to avoid death.

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that would make it easier though


Thats true , I am with you in that conclusion , ( with @Sammarald)

Even if you didn’t have to ping him you found a way to do it. Congratulations!

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Are you referring to me?

Yes, @BalloraJoined

Well thanks.

Weapon are too balance now, you don’t need to play only one weapon, so boring

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how is that boring? that’s more fun being able to get gift boxes without regrets

You COULD turn this into an item or upgrade that solves the problem in different ways.

Concept 1 - Superfilter
Item type: Consumable
Dealership: Heroware

Superfilter Details

This consumable functions as a disposable upgrade to your ship’s tractor beam. When picking up firepower or a gift box, you will briefly be prompted to confirm or refuse the pickup (probably by pressing a button with a pre-existing function). The prompt has a time limit however, and if you don’t give it a response in time, you’ll just collect the powerup anyway (with the exception of Satellites, which will be allowed to continue DVD-logoing around). If you collect multiple different powerups in quick succession, the items will be added to a queue and you’ll accept or discard each individually. Discarded items will be sent out of the ship to the side, allowing for “takebacksies” situations when you realize that you actually REALLY NEEDED that weapon and you just tossed it out without thinking.

tl;dr You’re given a y/n prompt when you collect something important.

Concept 2 - Repulsion Radiator
Item type: Consumable
Dealership: Aftermarket

Repulsion Radiator Details

Repulsion Radiator causes powerups to emit several energy pulses that repel enemy projectiles while they are on-screen. A simple but effective powerup that stacks, increasing the rate and range of repulsion the more you add. This would essentially make collecting powerups incredibly safe, but put you at risk of getting owned by a rogue satellite or powerup you didn’t want to collect by means of it accidentally pulsing an enemy projectile into you.

tl;dr Powerups push enemy projectiles away periodically.

Concept 3 - Firepower Fan and Variety Volunteer
Item type: Skill
Dealership: Heroes Academy

Further Details

These “items” change the gameplay so severely that they might as well be difficulty modifiers, hence their classification as Skills. Essentially, the settings force the mission in which they’re active to only allow chickens to drop firepower for your weapon (Firepower Fan) or random gift boxes (Variety Volunteer).
Naturally, Firepower Fan makes playing your main or winning a certain type of mission easier, while Variety Volunteer makes the game far more chaotic and difficult as the chances of you upgrading your weapon on the road are basically 0.
The inherent difficulty of these Skills is Seasoned.

Concept 4 - Chronal Disbalancer
Item Type: Consumable
Dealership: Heroware

A consumable item that slows down the descent of powerups when they initially spawn. Stacking greatly increases the slowdown duration.

tl;dr Tee hee boxes go slow.

Yeah that’s all i can think of at the moment. Hope ya like it?
Thanks for reading.


Yes the descriptions are really nice and their details

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