Weapons being available as you tier up

So,I’ve been thinking a lot about how to curb Utensil Poker usage,and this seems to be it.

Having certain weapons being available to you as you tier up is…not agreeable with many people,as they are so used to Utensil Poker that the forgot how to use other weapons efficiently.

So basically,you have to prove your prowess with other weapons,before being able to use the most powerful of them all.

Here’s what it might look like-

Tier 5-Ion Blaster,Neutron Gun,Laser Cannon

Tier 15-Boron Railgun,Riddler

Tier 25-Positron Stream

Tier 35-Lightning Fryer,Plasma Rifle

Tier 50-Vulcan Chaingun
(Pls don’t kill me)
Tier 75-Utensil Poker,Corn Shotgun

Tier 50 for Vulcan and 75 for Utensil Poker may seem like too much,but this idea is open to modification.


The problem here is the Challenge missions. Early players (lower tiers) do not necessary mean that they are bad players, and they might be discouraged from playing Challenge missions, except playing for fun and gaining some keys… and that’s it. Current limit is tier 1 to 10, and requiring reaching tier 75 (about 2 billion points) is definitely too much.

Unless the Challenge missions do like some other games: Instead of global ranking, players are randomly sorted into groups of 20 to 50 players with nearly the same tiers as each other. If it is changed like that than this idea would be really good (in fact, lock Utensil Poker until tier 99 could be even better).


Well,as I said,this idea is open to modification.But the point,however is that people don’t go for other weapons due to Utensil Poker being so much better on face value.

When creating this list,I was thinking less about how powerful the weapons were,but more about what classification they fell under,like so-

Ion Blaster,Neutron Gun,Laser Cannon-Heavy Energy Weapons
Boron Railgun,Riddler-Light Matter Accelerators
Positron Stream-Subatomic Particle Propulsor
Lightning Fryer,Plasma Rifle-Electromagnetic Manipulators
Vulcan Chaingun-Mainstream Matter Accelerators
Utensil Poker,Corn Shotgun-Heavy Matter Accelerators

That’s how I sort my weapons.In my head,anyway.

Technically, this is already the case. Some weapon gifts can’t appear in missions until the player reaches the appropriate tier.

Either way, it seems to me that this would be pretty much useless once the weapons are rebalanced.


Not totally.Some weapons would still be better,otherwise it would take away the fun.

Really? Which?

What about hypergun and photons?
Also,weapons do already have groups of some sort:
Hot,Nuclear,Metal,Electric,Organic,Stream(names aren’t official,but they are accurate enough).
Either way,this basically means no daily missions until tier 35(75 for hard daily). Or no competing in such missions,rather. And I don’t really see the benefits of this. I’d rather have them all balanced instead of locked like this.


Good question. According to the wiki, every single one except Moron Railgun.
But my guess is that some of them are available from the start (aka tier 0).

I would suggest to prevent gifts to spawn until you buy the corresponding weapons in the shop. Although the trio (Ion Blaster, Laser Cannon, Neutron Gun) are exceptions. (After the weapon rebalance)

Challenges are exceptions too, everything is available here. And I want to make challenge “fair” for every players, starting without any equipment and with firepower 0 of moron railgun. Also you may not be able to choose “skill” because the difficulty has been fixated.

Or weapon licences. Afterall those will be a thing.

Sounds interesting, I haven’t been thinking about that before.

Imagine you get a notification says “You’re not licensed yet to use this weapon.” or “Only professionals are allowed” or something.

Somehow I feel that’s worse than DLC weapons.

It would be like old games that you have to spend time to unlock every its contents

Some gifts do indeed not appear until a tier has been reached.

Ion, neutron, laser, lightning are always available.

Starting at tier 1=vulcan, 2=boron, 3=plasma, 4=swarm, 5=positron, 6=hyper, 7=riddler, 8=corn, 10=utensil


I don’t understand why it has to be 0 firepower moron railgun. Even without ssh,hard daily will take forever to do.
If you must randomize these,why not a random weapon at 8 firepower(random for each new daily,but same for all users),few sets of random superweapons(also random for each new daily,but same for all users) and like…4 extra lives?
Everyone is still getting the same things,but it’s not the same every time and perhaps it won’t be as boring. Of course,it’ll be even better if weapons get rebalanced(you could randomize other stuff like ships and satellites and other ship equipment,too. Or start with the same ones every time.)

Yeah, it works better

I would suggest reordering Vulcan Chaingun a bit higher up and putting more spacing between the unlocking of weapons.The final weapon could be unlocked at Tier 20,tops.

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