Weapon synergy

Hey guys,

I’ve thought about weapon synergy. Basically it gives you a higher score and key boost the more often you switch weapons. Right now, I don’t see any reason to pick up any weapon as I start with Utensil Poker and it’s the weapon that deals the most damage. This way I’d pick up some more weapons to get a boost. Maybe you could even give a slight penalty for never changing your weapon?

What is your opinion on it?

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I don’t think it’s really neceſſary. After all, if you don’t ſwitch weapons, you don’t get the points from the preſents.

The “Weapon virtuosity” boost does exactly this (well, it does nothing yet, but that’s the intention :stuck_out_tongue: )

Two factors will be taken into account: how many different weapons you used, and how popular those weapons are (less popular weapons will receive a boost).


The problem I see here is that you want to encourage people to use weapons which are less popular. Well, they are less popular for a reason, may it be that they are weak, they work badly or they are having more enemies that have a resistance against them.

I for my part use Neutron gun, Plasma Rifle or Utensil Poker most of the time. They are the easiest to use and also have the most utility. Neutron gun is a straight-forward DD, while utensil poker is more used for spread out damage. Plasma rifle is a boss killer anyways.

Instead of trying to encourage people to use less popular weapons, encourage yourself to check every weapon’s functionality and review their power. I can tell you once thing, the DPS on some of them is rather underwhelming. Like, why is laser’s range capped? Doesn’t make sense. A laser goes on and on and on.

Or, in the worst case scenario, make weapon modifications possible. Give your ship an initial weapon slot you can put things into such as items that increase the projectile speed, or that give x2 projectiles for half damage per projectile. Stuff like this. Make weapons mod-able so people can find good combinations for weapons. Make weapons research-able to make them initially better for yourself.

We were talking about that on the discord and making weapons work like this is straight up useless.

A laser’s light does go on forever until it hits something, but in real life, it does lose power with greater distance. There are imperfections in the generating device, which cause it to spread out – the photons’ paths aren’t perfectly parallel. And even in the vacuum of space, there are a few atoms of gas and dust particles, which absorb or deflect the photons. Eventually.

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