Weapon Randomizer

Do you feel like you have master all weapons? Or you stick to 1 weapon because you are bad with other weapons?

‘‘Top scientists From Heroes Academy under United Hero Force Lab managed to make a weapon that can mimic other weapons But the Technology is unstable, heroes cannot control which weapon it mimics. The one who can use this kind of technology must be Legend of Heroes.’’

I’m here to suggest Weapon Randomizer, A new Weapon for your slot name is Randomizer (I do not have any good name in mind but many people here are more creative then me so I’m sure if this idea gets positive feedback, Community will suggest better name)…

Unlock requirement, Purchased all weapons or maxed all weapons!

Thank you for time C:

To clear:

  • Weapon will randomize every Mission, Weapon will not randomize every round. So every mission is a surprise C:

Weapon Training but non-competitive


Still Positron stream is useful for me.


bro forgor weapon training exists


for most missions you’ll get a gift on the first minute of playing, if it only changes the weapon you start with then it wont be much


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