Weapon: Protonic Tide

"After the success of the Neutron Gun, UHF scientists and enginners experimented with protons hoping to emulate the highly powerful gun. What they got instead was an highly unstable gun that periodically changes its firing configuration. "

What you read was a part of the description for this weapon idea; more in detail, this will be a 3 in 1 weapon, that changes completely after a set amount of shots.

I am not providing any damage stats and detailed volleys because I don’t want to waste time, I first want to see what the general sentiments are. Just know that this is intended to be a med-high damage tier with a focus on player skill.

Pattern 1: Proton Bolts

Bolts’ Appearance:

The bolts appear as 3 circles, one smaller than the another, and while the first circle is kinda static, the other 2 are one wobblier than the another. It leaves behind a purple sparkle effect when it moves. They’re slightly bigger than a normal chick.

Here’s their pattern:

And they come from these pods:


  • The bolts are always be 3 and they never change in size until 20 :zap:. Their colors darken in relation to damage also, the purple sparks will be bigger. Upgrades increase firing speed.
  • Manual fire.
  • Only at 20 :zap:, the bolts will double in size.

Pattern 2: Protonic Slash

It will come from the main pod (The one above the cockpit), will leave the same particle effect and it will be big like 2 chicks and a half one.


  • Size never changes; its colors darken and sparks get bigger; upgrades increase firing speed; Firing speed is slower thanthe bolts.
  • It’s damage is the sum of the 3 bolts.
  • At 20 :zap: an additional slash is fired below the main one; it’s 50% smaller and does 50% the damage of the main one.

Pattern 3: Protonic Storm

This mode is intended to be charged like this: [Weapons] Solar Blast & Egg Launcher -Solar Blast.
It can be charged for a maximum 2 seconds and will mantain the charge until shot. Each 0.3 seconds a “Proton Tear” (will show in a bit) is loaded. Upon relief of the shot button, every PT loaded will fire like showed above. When charging, the first PT to be loaded it the one in the main pod, then from highest to the lowest pod, giving priority to the pod on the left when at the same hight.

Proton Tear:


  • Size increases with upgrades (at 1 :zap: the tear is big like an ion blaster shot); its colors darken and sparks get more numerous instead of bigger.
  • Every tear deals 1/3 of the damage of a bolt.
  • At 20 :zap:, maximum charge time is halved.

One last thing, each pattern has different a different shot counter before changing.


Well thought out, but I don’t think that the third projectile ſhould be in the pattern.



Mainly becauſe it ſeems too different in firing mechanics from the other two. It would be better if the projectiles didn’t need to be charged before firing.

Sorry I must do it


Well, I originally planned to make the third pattern an automatic weapon, but this went into my head and I thought it was cool. Plus I think we could use more charged weapons.

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You mean more than 0?
I’m pretty ſure IA intends to add the ſolar blaſt, but haſn’t gotten around to it. Your multi-projectile variänt alſo looks intereſting, but it ſhould be a weapon in its own right and not part of a 3-for-the-price-of-1 diſcount.


The whole intention of this was to make a unique weapon, I didn’t just want a photon swarm copy. I recently tried and failed with something called Dark Matter Ring (never posted).
This concept is more realistic in terms of mechanics and I thought to give it a shot.

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I like very much this idea.

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