Weapon power limit.... logic?

Hello everybody…
After ~5 months of being away from early access, I reopened the game and I was surprised…
Our Frequent requests for multiplayer Finally paid off!
So i started to test it, and everything was great and well improved…, Thanks to IA; i think we’re finally approaching the official release of the game.

But a little think looks annoying… i found three new spaceships and bought the strongest one, but I realized a parameter named weapon power limit.
Searched the community, and I realized that this parameter is to justify power (and make it fair)
But I think there is no right logic… look, all of us start the game with a small, weak spaceships. There is no justice between us and the powerful players, why? Because they spent KEYS and upgraded their Equipment… and we also have to spend keys to become powerful. So the KEYS are the reason for the differences. If you like to make everything fair, you have to completely remove key mechanism and give everyone same spaceships, equipment, etc.
But you won’t do that because everyone plays more and collects more keys, deserves more power. It’s logic, but now you’re limiting their power with some amazing limitations like “weapon power limit” ? Is there no dichotomy in your logic? I know a player must not become super powerful very easily, but at least he must be able to be powerful very HARDLY! if you want to limit power and make game fair, you have to make a way (like an item) for increasing max power level, against a very expensive and Exponential price. We must be able to use or keys to have a powerful spaceship! We spending maximum price for best spaceships and find it limited as the worst one, just with little improvements…
It is much more pleasant that we can have control over our property. Even with a super expensive price, it’s ABSOLUTELY needed.

Hope you understand my word
And thanks again IA for this great progress. Hope we see final version soon.:rose:


Regardless of price, something like this would be completely unacceptable. Power limits are one of the main factors that ship balancing can rely on. You can already pay away mission slot limits, and partially pay away large hitbox sizes and speed limits. If this becomes a thing, we’ll be roughly back where we started: the H&C 101 will reign supreme over other fighter spacecraft with the exception of the VF-76 due to its environmental resistances and satellite count. In fact, Müllers will become almost completely useless this time around, because their satellite slot counts are lower than the VFs’. Their only advantage would be the number of mission slots, but again, you can just buy more of those.

Exactly. Sounds perfectly fair to me. I really can’t tell what the issue is supposed to be here.


All ships are providing some unique features at the cost of other features. H&Cs help you with keys farming, Müllers have max power and are more universal ships for any day, BXs have increased fire power (not firepower) at the cost of speed and size, and finally VF have immunity to different environments at the cost of firepower. The more expensive the ship is — the more unique features stand out, the less general features you have. Changing this would break the logic of approximately equal performance of all ships. Currently they are more suitable for different mission types while performing bad in others. Making firepower limit purchasable would just turn the game more to pay-to-win side.


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