Weapon Mods

An extra loadout slot next to the weapon slot that changes the functionality of a weapon
For example, the Lightning Fryer typically has 2 or 3 beams based on FP level
Instead of it splitting in 2 or 3, have it stay as one LARGE MASSIVE beam, similarily to it’s other counterpart, the Plasma Rifle, it keeps the ability to spread out to other enemies upon contact, plus more damage for a single electric tesla, however it overheats really quickly just like the plasma rifle.
Or for the Absolver Beam, Instead of it being a single use laser that deletes projectiles, it can be fired continuously after charging up, the time it stays active depends on how much you charge it.
For the riddler, instead of continuous fire, it lobs explosive scrap at intervals instead of it being instant, Similarily to the popcorn shot gun’s rate of fire, but the travel time is slow and it explodes upon impact.
The Ion blaster can be modified to ricochet after hitting an enemy, but the fire doesn’t spread as much.
The laser cannon can be modded to work similarly to the absolver beam mod without charging up but at high firepower, the spread has about 3 lasers max, and it overheats quickly.
The neutron gun mod could pierce enemies and travel through them while still managing to slice them up with faster travel speed, but slower fire rate.
The vulcan chaingun can be modded to have extremely slow fire rate but way higher base damage, and with more than 1 shot, the shots alternate between each shot. After each shot, the final fourth shot in the sequence gets bonus damage. Similar to how in League of Legends, the character Jhin, has his passive work.
The plasma rifle could be modded to fire plasma balls at the enemy and group them together like a suction, firing a second ball explodes the gravitational plasma instantly dissolving any chickens insides (Does not affect bosses)
The utensil poker mod isn’t even a gun, it’s a melee weapon as a joke, you have to fly up to the chicken and poke them! Isn’t that hilarous?
Nah but, alongside the melee, you’ll be able to fire up to 5 utensils based on fire power.
And there doesn’t have to be a single mod for a single weapon, there could be more changes. I am running out of ideas though.
The point of them is to change the behavior of a weapon and offer more variety.


Hi Shiro! Welcome to the forum

Nice suggestion, but what you might not know is that weapons are actually currently in the process of getting some reworks, so if we were to add these changes it would have to be after that. :wink:

Personally? I think the bullet expander/condenser is as far as we should go for mods, unless you want to give @1galbatorix1 a massive headache. :joy:
(There’s a story there)


Hello @Shiro and welcome to the forum. Your ideas sounds good (and very loooooong), but weapons are reworking right now, so adding this would break weapons even more

@Shiro hello and welcome to the forum. your ideas look cool but that would break the entire WBP. so wait some time.

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