Weapon ideas for CIU

In the last few months. I tried to create new weapons to the game and their example animation. It was OK at first but after few ideas it becomes really hard to think any new weapon that is interesting other than just similar to or combination of already existed weapons. So, think it is the time that the game should have some other weapons with different firing mechanic, Absolver Beam is already a good example, it would potentially create a lot of good weapons.

The weapon itself was petty much all explained in that animation, it the projectiles are different between when shooting normally and when the booster is on.

More detail on the weapon.When firing normally it will shoot some weak energy bullets that explode, all enemy in that near it will get a harm effect. When the booster is on it will shoot energy blast that damage all enemy in its way but enemy with harm effect will receive much more dmg than one that is not.
Bonus: some of my other weapon ideas animation



looks great!


Good Weapon but what it’s name?


I have no idea what to name it


Only in animation 2 could I name it: Thunder Shot


i’m calling it force blaster


So I really appreciate that you put effort into making smooth animations for these, but why did you have to use bluemuller? Why!? Am I destined to forever be haunted by this thing? Will the universe never forgive my sin of posting a spacecraft picture with a transparent background?


Is this spacecraft so special?

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It is the only spacecraft that the background is transparented I can find. Also i just download it directly from google images so i didn’t know it was yours

You could’ve just asked me since I’m the one who made the feather chickcen

Sorry if it have bothered you, when i make it i just use random png files that i found, maybe a lot of them are other person’s artwork.

I don’t mind people using my stuff (if I can even call it that, since the assets are IA’s) per se, it’s just that this is probably the hundredth time I’m seeing this bloody thing. I’m pretty sure I recall it being in at least one knock-off mobile CI game, so that’s also funny.


wow looks great!
i hope IA add this
pls add it is good!
but what is name weapon?

animation 1: hyper gun with bullets of rage
animation 4: utensil forker with accelerator it is with 0 fp

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Actually this is a better version of the idea I suggested about 12 hours ago. I would like to see your version in-game especially after you took the time to show how it works (I haven’t).

You mean this one?

Yes indeed

It’s hard to give this weapon a name! Damn, so powerful! :grin:

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