Weapon Idea - Soundwave Burst

Hello everyone. Welcome to my first Idea post. This is my first post so it may be sluggish, but hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
Today I’ll be talking about my idea for a weapon, the Soundwave Burst.
The Soundwave Burst weapon can be unlocked as a gift when you reach Tier 6, or alternatively, you can buy it at the shop for 565 keys, and each upgrade will cost 345 keys. It shoots out a C-shaped wave that will bend the space around it. The Soundwave Burst will surely destroy your enemy’s eardrum.
The Soundwave Burst has a below-average firerate, and the speed of the projectile is fast. It has a base DMG of 500, with 21 power levels, from :zap:0 to :zap:20, and each level increases the base DMG by 50, to a total of DMG 1500 DMG. This weapon’s main mechanic is to deflect projectiles, although some projectiles cannot be deflected, like lasers. It belongs in the Special weapon group, so it can be strong or weak on certain enemies. It’s heat build-up is medium.
That’s all I have for now. I may add more later, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. This is Medic/Detective, signing off.


So… it’s basically the Sonic Pulse from Platypus??

Full support.



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