Weapon Idea - Ricochet

This weapon fires bouncing energy bullet, when it touches the enemy, object or the edge of the screen it will bounce to other direction for 1 or 2 times and then disappear.
This weapon is similar to absolver beam. It has 4 district charge levels:

  • 1\4 Instant shot, shoot an energy bullet
  • 2\4 shoot 3 energy bullets
  • 3\4 5 energy bullets
  • 4\4 high level energy ball - do more damage, faster,
    bounce more time

It has 12 power level, from 0 to 10, with each level update an energy ball become stronger (working like boron railgun and vulcan chaingun), at level 20 decrease the charging time.
Here is how it would look like ingame:


i think its good but the problem its like ion blaster

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well then i have a better name for it to avoid confusion with the wave with the same name

ion spheres

i dont think it could be approved try another

Condensate Blaster

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