Weapon Idea 💡 Perceptron Blaster

Allow me to introduce you to the Perceptron Blaster! It is very similar to the ion blaster except for few things, It deals Double damage of the regular ion blaster! however it also has much very high overheat time about 5 seconds with overdrive and 9 with automatic fire it is also member of the special weapon group

So why is it in special group you may ask? it’s just a stronger Ion Blaster right ? NOPE!!! it has 2 Special modes it can switch through! So what are those 2 special modes ? and why are they so special? you’ll find out right now! It has Focused Fire And Beam Mode! In Beam Mode The Perceptron Blaster Turns Into Plasma Rifle! Yes this also does Double Damage but! just like the old Plasma Rifle it Overheats in 4 Seconds in this mode and Also Gains All of Plasma Rifle’s Abilities Now on to focused firing,

In Focused Firing It Shoot in a straight line just like Neutron Gun However in this mode it Overheats in 6 seconds with overdrive Firing And 10 With Automatic the reason it has different Overheat time in each mode is because i wanted to make it balanced as much as possible

:zap:0 Shoots 1 bullet in straight line doing 600 damage
:zap:1 Gains another bullet
:zap:2 Gains a third bullet!
:zap:3 Spreads out now
:zap:4 Another bullet
:zap:5 Another bullet but Improved spread
:zap:6 And another bullet
:zap:7 Another Bullet
:zap:8 And Another Bullet
:zap:9 Now Shoots 10 Bullets doing total of 6000 damage!
:zap:10 Gains Big Bullet (Similar to Ion Blaster’s Big Ion) that does 850 damage!
:zap:20 Shoots 2 more Big Bullets that spread out
Beam Mode Stats:

:zap:0 Shoots A light Blue Plasma Rifle like beam that does 600 damage
:zap:1 Now does 1050 damage
:zap:2 Beam Now does 1500 damage
:zap:3 1950 damage
:zap:4 2300 damage
:zap:5 2800 damage
:zap:6 3300 damage
:zap:7 now does 3800 damage
:zap:8 4200 damage now
:zap:9 4800 damage now
:zap:10 now 5400 damage
:zap:20 does 6500 damage

As for focused firing i wont show stats because its the same as the one the weapon starts with
And let me know what you think about this weapon!


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lol what ?

Why do you do this to me?

The weapon is completely overpowered in both normal/focused mode and in beam mode. It deals twice as much damage as Ion and has a longer overheat time by 1 to 2 seconds depending on whether it’s in normal or focused mode (not that double damage would be particularly acceptable even if it was shorter). This table assumes the same firerate as Ion:


Beam mode is, again, just Plasma with double damage. Plasma itself already needs a fundamental rework, creating a duplicate with buffed damage is a massive no-no (although at least the overheat time lowers its total damage output).


Also, implementing weapons that require additional controls (such as switching modes) is problematic, due to limited screen real estate on mobile devices.


Well i didn’t think that it would be THAT overpowered i just wanted to make it slightly more powerful version of ion blaster and plasma

Why? We don’t need a carbon copy of ions and plasma that is just better. There would be no point in getting the original weapons then, especially when you’re getting two weapons in one.


This could be solved by making the weapon switch mode instead of going overdrive.
The weapon has overdrive disabled but double-tapping cause the mode switc.

Anyway the idea of two weapon in one is at least an interesting one, don’t you think?

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Well i was also thinking of maybe lowering it’s overheat time in normal from 9 to 6 and also in focused mode to 5 with automatic firing aswell as also maybe making it weaker at pushing henterprise’s feathers than those 2

Another thing i thought about is adding a cooldown to switching through modes about 5 minutes maybe ?

A weapon without overdrive is at a major disadvantage against a weapon with overdrive, unless you buff its damage to the point where it’s just superior. This isn’t balanceable. No added versatility that would come from combining two weapons into one would offset that.


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