Weapon idea: Passive effect s


I think weapons should have some passive effects to make the game more fun and balance eful.They could be good or bad.like,when you fire a machine gun you will gain better movement.

Neutron gun would decrease the enemy’s health slightly over time for some seconds.

Corn shooters will give you an extra corn from killing chickens(Pop corn’s that you can eat)

Ion busters will ignore metal rods…

Things like these.

Weapon effects

The Vulcan Chaingun rework make me feel like weapon rebalance need to be done. Like the Utensil Poker is now overheat pretty quick(according to someone else cus I’ve never overheated while using it) which making it less overpower


They do. For a lot of weapons, this is the high overheat rate.


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Very, very good idea.


Very, very good bump.


I didn’t realise that. I came here with a link from here.