Weapon Idea: Lightning gun

The Lightning gun fires lightning balls that can chain on nearby chickens when they hit it
it has very fast automatic fire and has overheat time of 6 seconds and as you get more power levels
the balls will be able to chain on more and more chickens the chain does 50% more damage than ball

:zap:1: shoots 1 lightning ball that can chain 2 chickens and does 250 damage
:zap:2: gains another lightning ball
:zap:3: gets a third lightning ball
:zap:4: gets a fourth lightning ball
:zap:5:now shoots 5 lightning balls and chaining does more damage
:zap:6: now shoots six lightning balls
:zap:7: now shoots seven lightning balls and chaining can chain to up to 5 chickens
:zap:8: now fires eight lightning balls and also slightly increased firerate
:zap:9: now shoots nine lightning balls
:zap:10: now shoots 10 lightning balls and chaining does even more damage
:zap:20: shoots 13 lightning balls and can chain to up to 7 chickens !

Let me know what you think about this weapon


thunder orbs

Sounds a lot like this:

Firstly you forgot about :zap:0, you’ll have to adjust your weapon progression to accommodate :zap:0, second of all, it would be better if the weapon had consistent chain damage and firerate so as to not overcomplicate things.

Also unless this weapons has greater DPS than Positron Stream, I don’t see it being very viable with only 6 seconds of overheat time, you know how fast plasma overheats, right?

Overall: 5/10 could’ve been a decent weapon progression if :zap: 0 was included, but lack of images, along with lack proper thought on weapon DPS and damage before overheating holds this idea back.

Oh yeah i forgot about power 0 :confused: also yeah i did take idea for this weapon from that game

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