Weapon Idea: Lightning gun (Reworked)

This is my remastered version of the weapon i previously suggested long ago with few different stuff
anyway, now instead of chaining on hit and getting more and more lightning balls as it gets more firepower and it has consistent chaining now which instead of chaining on hit it can chain infinite chickens and it’s damage rate increases as you get more and more firepower now on to power levels,

:zap:0 shoots 1 lightning ball that does 500 damage and chains onto chickens doing low damage overtime (15)
:zap:1 consistent chaining damage over time is now slightly faster
:zap:2 consistent chaining does slightly more damage (25)
:zap:3 now gets 2nd lightning ball no other changes
:zap:4 chaining damage overtime is faster
:zap:5 chaining increased damage (50)
:zap:6 now gets a 3rd lightning ball and just like fp 3 no other changes
:zap:7 chaining damages even faster
:zap:8 chaining increased damage (75)
:zap:9 now gets a 4th lightning ball
:zap:10 chaining damage is even faster does more damage (100) and gets a 5th lightning ball
:zap:20 chaining is way faster and does 150 damage overtime and gets 6th lightning ball

overheat time 8 seconds

This took me few months to think how to balance it in best way possible without being too overpowered, anyway tell me what do you think about it


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