Weapon idea: Light beam


The main weapon is be entirely white and opaque. Same for the gift entirely white with its tie.

While charging, it’d look similar to Absolver beam, except, it’s all white. This glow would stay even if the weapon is fired, but the animation is reversed.

If bullet spray expanders are used, the weapon range will be wider and the weapon will be more transparent. The transparency will decrease if it has more firepower.

Here's how it works:

To charge it, hold the fire button. When it finishes charging, it’ll automatically release a strong beam of light 'til the charge is over. If you released the fire button while charging, the charge will stay. And if you released the fire button while the weapon is lit, it’ll stop firing and save remaining energy.
Double click on a quick succession to release what’s charged, before it completes charging.

This one is unique. It fires a strong beam of light, that’d slowdown and harm enemies.
The more firepower it has, the bigger the beam is. If it’s big enough, it can harm more enemies at once.

Here are some images that are explaining the idea:

Normal low firepower.

High firepower and hitting more than one enemy

Bullet spray expanders are used.


It takes longer to charge the more it’s powered. Though, it stays lit for longer.

It’d take more time to charge and consume more heat on dark environments though, when it fires, it’ll reduce darkness by a lot.

The light can be blocked by projectiles, but if certain projectile got damaged for long time, these projectiles will be destroyed.

If used in a star mission, the beam would charge faster, and deal more damage.

The light can be reflected on reflecting surfaces; if the beam was reflected back to your spacecraft, it’ll…

  • Overheat your spacecraft a lot faster.
  • Destroy your spacecraft.
  • Uh, friendly fire is off. Just give it a nice glow.

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When it reflects back to your spacecraft, it’ll make it glow. If chosen to destroy you, the ship would glow slowly, until it explodes.
(Liquids such as slowdown potions and bottles can change the direction of the beam.) (If reflected from a concave surface, the reflected light ray deals more damage.)

It deals less damage to hot enemies, such as phoenix and bossa nova.

If bullet spray expanders are used, the weapon damage will be decreased.
And if bullet spray condensers are used, the weapon will be less wider, and damage will be increased

Multiplayer changes

If the beam hit a player, it’ll be reflected.

If the beam hit a player who is charging this weapon, charging the weapon would be faster for them.

This beam can heat other player projectile, and change their sprites. For example, Vulcan bullets will glow red. (The bullet wouldn’t change its direction, though.)

So, how’s the idea?
  • I like it.
  • I don’t like it.

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If this idea needs some changes, please tell.


looks like milk


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